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Karen O.

Maricela did an amazing job !!! I couldn't have asked for anyone better than her ! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone getting married. She is such a lively and fun person ! She made my ceremony amazing !!!


Alma L.

Working with Maricela was such a positive experience! We initially booked her as we were looking for a bilingual officiant. During our initial meeting, she listened to all of our input to tailor our ceremony to our liking. Leading up to our wedding date, she was quick to respond to any questions. Maricela attended our rehearsal and was very helpful in making sure the ceremony ran smoothly. The day of our wedding she was early, helped with our paperwork and made sure everything and everyone was set for the start of our ceremony. She was a great speaker, was able to translate, and tailored our ceremony specific to us. I would highly recommend working with Maricela!

Tanya G.

Maricela was amazing!!!! She was just right balance of sweet and romantic but also funny. She took the time to incorporate our requests and the details that were important to us. She did so well that people were asking us if she was a personal friends. We loved her and would recommend her in a heart beat.

Linda R.

"Believe the reviews! What a perfect officiating experience! My husband and I were married by Maricela Jimenez in Los Angeles. 

Daisy S.

Marciela created the most perfect script for our special day. Everyone appreciated and raved about our bilingual ceremony. It was very important for us to incorporate my culture and the Spanish language into our ceremony and Marciela executed it flawlessly. Highly recommend.

Just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for helping make our day so special. Everyone said you matched our vibes so well, the ceremony was so thoughtful and fun, and the attention to detail you put in was incredible. 


It was such a memorable day and we’re so glad you were able to be a part of our celebration. You’re the best!


Sabrina G.

Maricela is amazing! Simply amazing. She was on time even though I was super late and didn't have anything set up, she helped me and my family set up. That was not what she was supposed

to do but she went an extra mile for us.

I absolutely loved our ceremony it was plain and simple just exactly how I wanted it. My family loved her too. I will highly recommend her to everyone!

Maria E.

Maricela Jimenez made our wedding ceremony experience a great one. From the moment we met her she was very professional and very organized. She was very flexible and punctual on our wedding day and was very helpful. Our guests really enjoyed our ceremony thanks to her. I really loved my wedding ceremony. She definitely did an outstanding job and I will recommend her to anyone who needs a wedding officiant. Thank You so Much Maricela!!!

A d r  i  a n     &     J o e

When you spend a year and a half planning a wedding, you truly want it all to go flawlessly. Your Officiant becomes the guiding voice of your ceremony, and putting your faith in someone you don't know like family requires a big faith.

Maricela Jimenez was the icing on our cake. Her eloquence, attention to detail and dedication to providing top notch service proved to be the right choice for our family and I can guarantee she will be the right choice for your ceremony too!

We are proud to have met, and to now know Maricela and offer our strongest recommendation to anyone who is searching for the right person to Officiate your wedding.

Meet with her and let her know your specific details and she WILL prove to be the right choice for you too!


The details: We met with Maricela weeks before our wedding and told her our plans for a non-traditional ceremony as some of our details were personal and specific to our family.

Maricela met with our coordinator to assure all of our 'wants' were taken care of properly and on our big day, she arrived early to address any concerns with utter professionalism. In the 20 minutes we needed to attend to all of our details, everything flowed smoothly. Guests truly commented on how beautifully it went and what a sublime job she did as our Officiant.

Many thanks Maricela, having you at our ceremony made it perfect in every way!!

Nirosha A.

My wedding consisted of 200 people but was planned extremely last minute. So of course things were falling apart closer to the date. The night before my wedding day my minister said he couldn't make it. This left me in fits, I was calling every officiant I could find online either they were unavailable or they were charging way too much. These officiants had prices online and still charging above that because it was last minute. Then by some crazy luck I stumbled upon Maricela’s page. She was well within my budget and from what I saw, she was charging far less than others for doing the same job.

I called her up, and talking to her was like a breath of fresh air. She was flexible, available and still charging me the same fee as was on her page. She didn’t take advantage of my situation and super easy to deal with. She was quick in understanding what was needed and extremely helpful. She shot us an email with her speech and asked us to give her a glance into our relationship so she can get to know us. My husband and I aren’t very religious so she mended her speech to satisfy us.

On the day of she arrived on time and dealing with her was the easiest part of my wedding. She knew what she had to do, she was dressed the part, had all the paper work in order. It was easy and trust me the day of you need someone like her. Her speech was so perfect, she incorporated love, friendship and linked it to me and my husband and how our long distance relationship stood the test of time.

Maricela told us she would handle the paper work and the marriage certificate would arrive in the mail. 2 weeks later we received a letter stating that one of our witness had signed in the wrong place and had scratched it out and re-signed (you’re supposed to have no mistakes in the final document or the court won’t process it) this letter requested our officiant, Maricela, to vouch for the validity of the document and there was a $30 fee to re-submit this letter.

I called her up and she was willing to meet us at a coffee shop in Simi. That day, I was an hour late to meet her as my husband got stuck at work, yet she was super nice and patiently waited. She said she will do the needful and we offered her the $30 fee to re-submit the letter (as it was no fault of her own that our witness signed in the wrong place). She refused it and said it was part of her initial fee.

7-10 days later I messaged her asking if she did her part and if she knew when I can expect the marriage certificate. She told me she had submitted it the very next day after we met and that it shouldn't be too long now. The next day she texted telling me if I’m still worried I can call the registrar’s office and they can do a search for me. A few days later she texted me again just to touch base and find out if I got my certificate and if everything was sorted out. I replied and was so happy to say we received the certificate the day before.

Maricela has been a blessing right from the start. She went the extra the mile to be as helpful as she can. She was polite, pleasant and super friendly. We were so glad we found her and that she was available on such short notice.

Thanks Maricela for performing such a lovely ceremony and being so easy to deal with.

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